The phenomenological context of the fashion system…


They always think fashion as an Italian feeling, like Garzanti italian dictionary says…

Fashion=” the more or less changeable usage that, deriving from the prevailing taste, is imposed on habits , ways of living, and forms of dress” but some other definitions more similar of what fashion means to us right know ..

“fashion is a universal principle, one of the elements of civilization and social custom. It envolves not only the body but all the means of expression available to people”

Moda comes from the latin word MOS (back to 1650) and has different meanings…but fashion phenomenon had existed for a long time before the word “moda” come to our mouths. You could also see fashion as the expression of an individual orientation, taste has to a far system of social rule that defines what can be considered ‘fashionable’ at any place or time.

French, German or English people refers to fashion ‘mode’, confirm this matrix.

Fashion is the feeling or people that breathe it, even if they don’t know that they breathe fashions, it’s not only what the shows show every two times year, it’s a way of living, not only creative people live like this, it’s way too much.

Fashion is in every single detail of my life, it doesn’t mean that I’m a crazy fashion girl, it’s just that everything I see its fashionable to me. …But don’t make it wrong, i love fashion, but I really hate things of the fashion world…and that’s the way I find my half and half way of living…

Have a nice day!!!

Keep on dreaming!!!

Impossible is nothing!!!

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